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In 2012 IZA will launch a new journal series with Springer Verlag, which will consist of five field journals: (i) the IZA Journal of Labor Economics, (ii) the IZA Journal of Labor Policy, (iii) the IZA Journal of Migration, (iv) the IZA Journal of Labor & Development, and (v) the IZA Journal of European Labor Studies.

  • IZA Journal of Labor Economics covers all general aspects of labor economics broadly defined applying theory and/or econometric analysis.
  • IZA Journal of Labor Policy covers all general aspects of labor policy, including institutional, empirical and theoretical approaches discussing concrete policy proposals or issues that are of value for concrete policy-making.
  • IZA Journal of Migration covers all issues related to the economics of migration and ethnicity in developed or developing countries.
  • IZA Journal of Labor & Development covers all aspects of economic development related to issues of human behavior and/or the labor market of developing, emerging or transitional countries, including both policy issues and more structural problems.
  • IZA Journal of European Labor Studies covers all aspects of relevance for European labor markets, including European labor policy dealing with concrete policy proposals or issues that are of value for concrete policy-making. The journal will also contribute to the ongoing policy debate in Europe and in its various countries.


Given the subject divisions, the respective journals will publish both applied and theoretical papers. We encourage in particular submissions that relate to the IZA program areas such as program evaluation, personnel economics, institutional labor economics, migration and ethnicity, transition and emerging economies, jobs and development, future of labor, environment and development, and growth and employment in low income countries.

The aim of the new IZA Journals is to provide a high quality, peer reviewed outlet for papers, where the key characteristic of the submission procedure is the fast decision making and publication process. Acceptance/rejection decisions are expected to be made within one month; publication is expected within two months after submission of the final manuscript. The fast process from the submission to the acceptance/rejection decision is guaranteed by (i) an advanced desk rejection policy and (ii) the fact that only those papers refereed that require minor revisions are accepted while those not accepted are rejected without a detailed referee report. This requires the submission of manuscripts that are considered ready by the author/s for direct publication if found suitable by the editorial team.

The IZA Journals will be an online journal series accessible through the SpringerOpen Access system. This implies that electronic access to all five new journals is provided freely and permanently worldwide immediately upon publication.

IZA will publish with Springer Verlag the limited number of 24 articles per journal per year, where each article should be about 10,000 words (including tables, figures and references).

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